About Us

Gazi University Turkish Criminal Law Application and Research Center (TURK-CE-MER), is founded on 05.11.2010 within the framework of the Regulation No. 27750.

The aims of the Center are as follows;

1. To follow developments and contemporary discussions in comparative criminal law,

2. To determine and to solve problems with respect to Criminal Law both in national and international levels,

3. To conduct scientific studies and to organize events in order to make contribution to Criminal Law and also to develop cooperation with EU.

The Center carries out the following activities pursuant to its aims;

a) To organise and participate in national and international seminars, conferences, colloquiums or similar activities in the field of criminal law and related subjects,

b) To publish works on Criminal Law and to contribute to such publications,

c) To establish and develop relations with other national and international institutions and organisations related to the Center’s aims,

ç) To prepare essential equipment, to follow and obtain national and international publications for the Center,

 d) To found temporary or permanent comissions to realize researches, studies, projects, to cooperate and consult national and international experts,

e) To organize and participate in workshops, seminars and courses for professional development of the personnel of the institutions operating in the field of criminal law,

f) To carry out all kinds of activities and publications the Center deems necessary in its field of activities.